For quarantine and export, Shortview has separate barns and paddocks reserved for the various groups we have at any given time.

We also condition and keep fit the show horses that are travelling overseas for various shows with the use of our treadmill, round pens, hot walker and arena to work driving horses.  Each horse is fed a special diet based on what they are accustomed to and what they need to stay in optimum shape.

Pregnant mares or mares with foals are also easily accommodated, as are breeding stallions.

Wraps, neck sweats and other "horse clothes" are used as well without additional costs.

Microchipping is done as it is required in most countries.

Daily temperatures allow a heads up on any potential sniffle.

Top rated Dr Brett Spencer is our vet of choice for all veterinary issues. He lives less than 5 minutes away and we constantly value his expertise and advice. "Dr Brett" is absolutely fantastic with neonatal foals and will go the extra mile with some of the strange symptoms and quirks of the miniature horse. He oversees each animal in every group from start to finish. He is a wonderful asset to us and we both work closely with the USDA veterinarians and their technicians, along with the veterinarians and personnel overseas.

In exporting Horses and Donkeys, our goal is to make everything easier for the client so we do it all as one complete package.

Our customer service and repeat clients speak for itself. We attend various auctions both live and online to find and inspect our client's possible purchase. We arrange all the transportation to our facility from the breeding farm or sales barn.

Also all agents, attendants and veterinarians are booked and notified prior to each shipment.